History According to SailboatData.com

Sovereign history according to SailboatData.com (a more complete and accurate history can be found on our History page):

Sovereign Yachts (Custom Fiberglass Products) 1979-1998

(Basic chronology pieced together from a number of sources and errors may exist.)

Custom Fiberglass Products of Florida, founded by Robert Bowen(?), built the decks, liners, and hulls for Captiva Yachts and Sovereign Yachts.
(Sovereign Yachts was founded by Doug Steeg.)

When Sovereign closed (1988?), CFP assumed ownership of the molds, and built a few boats on their own but continued to use the Sovereign name. As a result, one Sovereign model may have have been sold under a number of different names. Many came from a single hull mold, with a deck, interior and rig that also changed from year to year. Address was:

8136 Leo Kidd Ave.
Port Richey, FL USA

A later company was:
Sovereign 96, Inc.

None of these companies are still in business.