This website is about the Sovereign brand of sailboats built in southwest Florida between 1979 and 1997. It is dedicated to the men and women who built those boats, especially Dan W. Steeg, as well as the hundreds of Sovereign owners around the country. We are attempting to gather together all available information about these beloved boats and store it here.

Curious about the history of Sovereign sailboats? Want to add your boat to our database and interactive map? Care to see the largest online collection of Sovereign ads and sales literature? Or perhaps you’re looking for downloads of helpful files and information? It’s all here.

Your help is needed

We are still looking for Sovereign literature, factory photos, and history notes. Your brochure, price list or picture may be unique or better preserved than one we have on the site. Please consider sending us a copy.

If you have found a source for spare parts that we do not have listed please consider sharing that also. We are also collecting names of dealers and factory employees, and anyone “who was there,” to help clarify, correct and expand our History section. And if you would like to email us with questions, corrections, or photos of your Sovereign, please do so at our contact page.

Join the conversation

We also urge you to join the Sovereign Facebook Group, where we share photos, videos and ideas on maintenance and repairs.

A special acknowledgement goes out to Michael Spanjer, who kept the Sovereign flame alive at the Sovereign Yahoo Group for more than a decade.

Fair winds, Sovereign friends.