Dan Steeg Email

Excerpt from an e-mail from Dan Steeg, founder and former owner of Sovereign Yacht Co., Inc. to the Sovereign Yahoo Group:

MODELS -Sovereign 17, A&B interiors, Sovereign 5M, 18, and Antares 17, we never built a 19′ but Custom Fiberglass products built a 20′, it was the Montego 19 with a stretched Sov. 17 deck.

Sovereign 7M, Sov 23′ & 24′, and the Antares 24 all the same hull but two different decks (formerly the S2 -23’) and finally the Sov 28 Center-cockpit (formerly the S-2 -26′ Center Cockpit), we lengthened the hull by 2′ and added a house forward and aft, changed the keel and the rudder.

CLOSED DOWN- When the stock market crashed in 1987-1988 we had 28 boats on order and everyone cancelled. I Had about 15 dealers at this time and I didn’t want to lose them so I gave back all the deposits. Finally, I had to go Bankrupt. The Bankruptcy Courts awarded the molds to Custom Fiberglass Products (Robbie Bowen Owner) They did most of my glass work. I don’t know how many boats that he built he came out with the Sovereign 20. He later sold the molds to Sovereign America Inc., they didn’t build many boats. BOATS BUILT-Estimate-600 boats over 10 years. The Sovereign 7M was the first boat built (S2 23′) next the Sovereign 5M, we scaled down the 23 hull to 17’ Jim Smith (Employee) built the first hull.